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Owning an attractive and professional website is a fundamental necessity these days to promote your club, business or interests to your customers and friends.

But in these difficult economic times, the very thought of spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds on a website is somewhat daunting. This is where we can help you own a fully designed and functional website – without spending a fortune!

We specialise in designing stylish and easy-to-navigate display websites – with the objective of providing the finished product at a fraction of the cost one would normally expect to pay. 

And to help stretch that pound a little further, we invite payment by monthly standing order, to help those who do not have a large marketing spend, or the funding to pay large up-front design costs. Our service is ideal for small business, clubs and charities.

All websites are designed to clients’ specific requirements, developed, maintained and fully hosted on the internet. 

All you do is tell us what you want and we do the rest! 

Stylish, tailor-made websites with text, illustrations, photos, blogs, galleries and all the links you could want!  

Our offer also includes a unique domain name, one email account and email address, full internet hosting, maintenance and basic updates - such as changes to prices or event dates.

And the price for this fantastic package? This couldn't be more straightforward:

the above features for only -

Ringstones Media Websites

What is included

We initially provide a detailed Quotation and Agreement and when we are ready to work on the website design, a Standing Order Instruction is sent to your bank.

No deposit is required and no up-front fees will be charged. We will secure your domain name and design will commence when the first standing order transacts.

The Client should provide a brief of what is required along with all text, artwork, photographs and graphics. Please note that the Client should either own all material or have permission to use third-party material and will be responsible for copyright clearance where appropriate.

Working with the Client, we will provide advice and guidance to help ensure the Client’s objectives are achieved and a creative design will be produced for the Client's approval before the website is built.

We will register a suitable domain name and reserve secure hosting space on our provider's UK servers. We can also arrange an email account if the client does not already have one, providing a professional email address, ie info@yourwebsitename.co.uk.

Finally, full SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) will be added to help your website achieve the highest position possible when surfers search for you on Google, Yahoo and all other search engines.

When the finished website is 'signed off' by the Client, it will be submitted to internet search engines using industry standard submission tools. 

After the website is uploaded to the internet, any corrections will be made free of charge within the first 14 days, thereafter will be subject to our standard development rate of £15.00 per hour.

As part of our service, we also provide free consultation and advice on how to market your new website, provide instructions on how to manage social websites and other tips to help get you noticed.

And What is Not

While we would love to design ground-breaking websites the envy of Hollywood CGI animators, we have to be realistic to keep our costs and charges low. Therefore additional charges would be necessary for special bespoke artwork, animation or filming and we would agree these in advance.

Our standard development rate applies to any additional pages or major structural upgrades that are commissioned by the Client after 14 days of the initial posting of the website to the internet.

If the Client already has a domain registered, this will require transferring to our hosting company, although the domain remains your property. (Please note your host may charge a transfer fee).

Click here to read our full Trading Terms & Conditions.

Contact Us

To find out more, please complete the Enquiry Form on our Contact Us page and we will be in touch.

Alternatively, you are welcome to phone Chris on 01980 863282.
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