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SSL Certificates

An SSL Certificate encrypts data that is given on a website so that it can be processed securly from the user's browser to their web server and can be identified in a browser's url bar by the prefix https:// (rather than http://) on a domain name.

Financial information is a notable type of data that needs an SSL Certificate. If it’s loaded in your browser with HTTPS at the start, then you have an SSL Certificate for your website.

In 2018, Google took the stance that all data submitted on websites should be secured with an SSL Certificate.

There are a number of different levels of security offered by SSL Certificates and we provide a medium-level security for £5.00 per month. This offers:

Standard Browser Padlock
HTTPS:// prefix
Domain Level Validation
Secures Main Domain
Secures www and non-www
2048-bit Encryption
5 Minute Issuance
$10,000 Warranty

If you would like to register a SSL Certificate for your website, please contact us right away.
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